Zhuolida specializes in precision metal etching and precision laser cutting. With the joint efforts…

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ZHUOLIDA IN nantong /nantong Factory

Nantong zhuolida integrates precision etching, diffusion welding, electroplating, electrophoresis, anodizing, precision electroforming and supporting stamping to provide ...


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High precision testing instrument 2.5-dimensional Factory workshop picture>

ZHUOLIDA IN kunshan /kunshan Factory

Kunshan zhuolida is engaged in the R & D, production and sales of precision SMT laser cutting and testing tools.


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ZHUOLIDA IN shenzhen /shenzhen Factory

Based on 19 years in South China, Shenzhen zhuolida is engaged in precision etching and SMT laser cutting, technology research and development, production and sales, raw ...


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Seamless welding

Seamless welding

Seamless welding plays a key role in different industries, helping parts and other pr...

Opening review | warmly celebrate the grand opening of nantong zhuolida metal technology co., LTD.

On June 24, 2018, the opening ceremony of nantong zhuolida metal technology co., ltd. was held in zhuolida industrial park, nantong high-tech zone, jiangsu prov...

03 2018/07
Nantong zhuolida successfully held the third quarter of 2019 summary report meeting

In order to comprehensively summarize the work in the third quarter of 2019, clarify the work plan for the fourth quarter and improve the management efficiency ...

05 2019/11
Zhuolida corporate culture "elite team to be ethical" training phase 1

On the evening of September 18, the training of "elite team to be virtuous" hosted by teacher zhong qin was successfully carried out in the conference room on t...

23 2019/09
Industry small white don't panic!Understand these 7 steps to easily understand the etching process

"Etch", as the name implies, USES corrosive acids to etch and etch patterns on the surface of metals or other materials.As a new way of chemical cutting, etchin...

30 2019/10
Problems needing attention in metal etching production

Problems needing attention in metal etching production

28 2019/11
VC uniform temperature plate walking in the 5G era of the tuyere - nantong zhuolida metal technology co., LTD

As a new way to solve the problem of heat dissipation of mobile phone, VC equal-temperature plate has become the main demand in 5G era with its unique heat diss...

12 2019/11
The basic principle of etching, drolida tells you

Etching process is to immerse the metal parts to be etched in the etching solution composed of various chemical components. In the case of room temperature or h...

26 2018/04
What is the reason for the uneven etching of aluminum alloy?How to exclude?

What is the reason for the uneven acid etching of aluminum alloy?How to exclude?

03 2019/12
How to do if the telephone network is dusty?The cellular phone handset net can so originally clean up!

Now the mobile phone is more and more expensive, sometimes know the handset into the ash but dare not clean, because the wrong cleaning method will damage the m...

06 2019/09