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Opening review | warmly celebrate the grand opening of nantong zhuolida metal technology co., LTD.

Author: Source: Date:2018/7/3 11:41:28
Information digest:
On June 24, 2018, the opening ceremony of nantong zhuolida metal technology co., ltd. was held in zhuolida industrial park, nantong high-tech zone, jiangsu province.

Warmly celebrate the successful opening ceremony of nantong zhuolida on June 24, 2018!For the whole zhuolida people, this is not only a grand ceremony, but also a new journey!Nantong zhuolida metal science and technology industrial park has a planned area of more than 40,000 square meters, and construction officially started in February 2017, with the first phase of construction putting into operation more than 20,000 square meters.The completion and production of nantong zhuolida industrial park is a major strategic move of zhuolida group in the east China market, and the beginning of zhuolida group's strategic layout from south China to the whole country in the high-end precision metal etching components industry. 


On June 24th, all the staff of nantong zhuolita came to the factory early to welcome the guests from all over the world. We hope that all of you can have the feeling of returning home.ZhuoLiDa, founder of the university President and his wife ms MGM and ZhuoLiDa shenzhen, kunshan, tianjin, xiamen and other leaders elite gathered, also invited the tongzhou district and high-tech zone government representatives, zaoyang National People's Congress director zhao, shenzhen xiangyang chamber of commerce executive director, shenzhen institute of larger chamber of commerce executive director, china-eu business AMP35 you business class, and the industry elite, customers and suppliers system common witness of nantong ZhuoLiDa metal technology co., LTD., set sail! 

Zhuolida, founded in 1999, is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the manufacture and research and development of high-end precision metal etching components and SMT laser template. Its products are widely used in the fields of electronics, communication, semiconductor, automobile, aerospace, petrochemical and so on.The group has set up four production bases in shenzhen, kunshan, tianjin and nantong.After 19 years of leap-forward development, zhuolida has developed into a leader in China's high-end precision metal etching components industry, which has won wide praise from the industry and many fortune 500 companies. 


The joint laboratory of precision technology of nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics was inaugurated


Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics wang wei's speech

Nantong zhuolida opening ceremony


The President of the university and his wife, Ms. Gao mei, gave the lion dance a little attention

During the construction of zhuolida industrial zone, Chen yonghong, secretary of tongzhou district committee and government, zhang xingguo standing committee and other leaders visited the company one after another, cared about and guided the work, and encouraged zhuolida to strengthen scientific research and innovation and strive to create a high-end brand.

In recent years, under the correct leadership of nantong municipal party committee and government, tongzhou district has made every effort to build six main platforms of "two districts and four parks" with nantong high-tech zone as the core. Tongzhou district's new pattern of opening up and development is taking shape. Zhuolida group highly recognizes and admires such development positioning.Under such a good background, zhuolida formally registered and established nantong zhuolida metal technology co., ltd. in June 2015 with the help of the brand accumulated through years of development and with the care and support of tongzhou high-tech zone investment promotion bureau and leaders at all levels.

At present, zhuolida group has three industries of high-end precision metal etching, electroplating and electrophoresis. The core mission of the group is: "zhuolida is committed to providing high-end precision etching metal parts and overall solutions, contributing core elements to the competitiveness of customers' products!"The strategic measures to expand from south China to east China lay a solid foundation for realizing the core mission of the group.


Director xu jian of tongzhou high-tech zone management committee delivered a speech
The opening ceremony was successfully concluded in the sound of cheers and salutes, and then everyone went to lihui hotel for lunch.The luncheon scene was also lively.



Zhuolida executives chorus "zhuolida song"

Zhuolida people in line with the "people-oriented, technological innovation, low carbon environmental protection" the purpose of dedication for your service!We firmly believe that nantong, known as the northern Shanghai, has great advantages in policy, land and investment environment, which will greatly boost the sustained and strong development of nantong zhuolida.ZhuoLiDa will seize good opportunities for development, continue to carry out scientific and technological innovation, set up in colleges and universities and enterprises in etching technology research and development, innovation and development of university-industry cooperation mode, set up the industry type, a new round of development in nantong yong in the big tide of the best, for the development of precision metal etching industries, to nantong and tongzhou economic and social transformation and upgrading, make a contribution!A new journey, a new beginning, we will continue to explore and innovate, forge ahead!