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Nantong zhuolida successfully held the third quarter of 2019 summary report meeting

Author:zhaosi Source:zhuolida Date:2019/11/5 16:59:18
Information digest:
In order to comprehensively summarize the work in the third quarter of 2019, clarify the work plan for the fourth quarter and improve the management efficiency of the company, nantong zhuolida work summary report for the third quarter of 2019 will be held in the conference room on the second floor at 13:00 on October 22, 2019.The meeting was presided over by the general manager office. Chairman lian university, general manager yan guangming, heads of various departments and some excellent employees attended the meeting.

In order to comprehensively summarize the work in the third quarter of 2019, clarify the work plan for the fourth quarter and improve the management efficiency of the company, nantong zhuolida work summary report for the third quarter of 2019 will be held in the conference room on the second floor at 13:00 on October 22, 2019.The meeting was presided over by the general manager office. Chairman lian university, general manager yan guangming, heads of various departments and some excellent employees attended the meeting.

In the zhuolida song "zhuolida" chorus, the meeting was officially opened.At the meeting, first by the general manager of the third quarter of the company's key issues reviewed, pointed out the recent period of the company's various aspects of the problem.Then, the heads of each department summarized and reported the work of their respective departments in the third quarter, analyzed the current situation and existing problems within the department from the actual situation, and put forward reasonable Suggestions for improvement.Through digital analysis and summary for the fourth quarter better operation to provide a good guarantee!The meeting is divided into three major agendas: 1. Leaders of all departments summarize and report the work of the third quarter; 2.2. General manager yan reported relevant matters of the company in the third quarter and commented on quarterly work reports of various departments;3. Lian dong delivered a speech, summarized the meeting and offered Suggestions and encouragement for the work in the next quarter. 


Marketing Department: summarize and compare actual performance and target performance in this quarter, actual performance in 2019 and actual performance in the same period of last year, and analyze and predict performance targets in 2020 based on the latest trends of customers and industry development trends.In 2019, has been gradually draws to a close, in the fourth quarter, marketing personnel should be the final sprint, dominated by metal etching business, security performance targets achieved 2019, implemented at the beginning of 2019, the ultimate goal of performance doubled in 2018, in 2020, the company's performance target continues to grow sharply lay the foundation.

Finance department: summarized the work of this quarter from aspects of financial standardization, cost control and financial budget implementation.In the financial work of this quarter, all the staff of the department earnestly performed their duties, supervised the legality and rationality of each economic business in each department, strictly carried out according to relevant regulations, and ensured that the company would not suffer from unnecessary economic losses.Secondly, supervise the overall assets of the company, regularly carry out fixed assets inventory, inventory, cash balance inventory, etc., to provide accurate and reliable data for the management and decision-making of the company.Also elaborated next quarter's work target.In the fourth quarter, the financial department will continue to strengthen management, standardize financial procedures, strengthen cost accounting and control, and do a good job in cost, accounting and capital operation and other management work.At the same time, in view of the problems existing in the management of the financial department, we still need to continue to summarize and improve, and upgrade and improve the management of the financial department as a long-term work.

Personnel department: closely around the personnel department this quarter's key work, to everyone for a summary and share."People" is the most important work of the personnel department.Personnel department, is a "tube person" department, all "people-oriented", only the exact understanding of employee information, in this basis, will personnel six modules work smoothly.Therefore, in the recent period, the personnel department focused on combing and statistics of employee information (including age, education, household registration and so on).In the employee analysis chart, the employee composition of various information is clear at a glance.At present, the company's high-level talents, especially the researchers, are still in a relatively short period. In the next quarter of work, the personnel department will focus on the recruitment of high-level talents with high education, high technology and high level, laying a good foundation for the follow-up development of the company's main business of precision etching.At the same time, it also analyzes the shortcomings of the personnel department in this quarter's work, mainly reflected in two aspects: first, the improvement of the management system, although there is a preliminary plan, but no actual progress.Second, the coordination of the work of various departments is still to be strengthened, resulting in low efficiency.The above two points will be the next efforts of the human resources department to establish and improve the management system as soon as possible. At the same time, communication and coordination between various departments should be carried out efficiently, which can also promote the realization of the goal of joint management of the company as soon as possible.

Production department: reported the development of production management in the third quarter.The management personnel of the production department always attach great importance to product quality, strictly control the quality of every production process, and insist on inculcating quality concept for all the personnel of the production department in the morning meeting every day.At the same time, according to the flow of production line staff, arrange strict training on product type, etching process, operation specifications, equipment use, quality control and other aspects for new staff.According to the product characteristics classification and customer quality requirements, arrange the old staff to take charge of the new staff in the production department to ensure that each new staff can understand and master the post skills and ensure the production efficiency before the independent etching operation.At the same time, for the production of defective products, also made a self-reflection.In the production of the next quarter, we will definitely put all the management systems into place, combine the system with production, and put them into every link of the production process. The product quality will surely improve steadily to meet the requirements of customers.

Material department: for this quarter material department key work to everybody carried on the summary report.For the company's fine management and standardized operation, recently introduced ERP system.In the next quarter, the company will invite professional lecturers to conduct ERP system operation training for relevant personnel and apply it into the actual operation of the company as soon as possible.In terms of material procurement, the purchaser must fully communicate and analyze the cost of each material, and strictly follow the procurement approval process.At the same time, more excellent suppliers should be developed to reduce procurement costs, reduce procurement risks and improve the timely delivery rate of materials.In addition, in the work of the next quarter, the material department will strictly improve the two-person and double-post system of the chemical warehouse, and implement the responsible person. In the future, if there is any abnormal accident, the company will punish according to the responsibility.

Process department: made a report on the daily work of the department in this quarter.As for the problems and difficulties encountered in the production of etch product drawings and films, the process department will deal with them in the first time to ensure the smooth production of products.At the same time, the department also held regular technical meetings to discuss and study the key and difficult problems in the process at this stage, successfully solved some complex problems in the etching process of some products in the early stage, and summarized reasonable and effective solutions.While providing technical support for the production of the company's products, we also keep summing up experience to improve the professional ability of the process personnel and the overall technical level of the company.In view of the work in the next quarter, I put forward good Suggestions. I hope the company can establish a r&d department as soon as possible and accelerate the improvement of production process and the research and development of special potions.Technical innovation, the establishment of r & d department will promote zhuolida in precision etching processing industry to go further, stand higher!

Quality department: reported the main problems in daily work of quality management and recent product inspection.As the last procedure in production, product inspection is also the last barrier before delivering products to customers, which is especially important.All the staff of the quality department always keep in mind and carry out the company's quality management and control process in the inspection, and try their best not to let the defective products flow to customers.For each batch of product appearance, size, details will be compared with the process drawing requirements for detailed and accurate testing and report.The quality manager concluded that the key to the company's quality management work is to integrate the quality awareness into the hearts of employees and fundamentally strengthen the quality awareness, rather than inspection for inspection's sake.From strict management and standardized training, to create a high quality awareness, a strong sense of responsibility inspection team.


After listen to the report of department director, yan always first, affirmation of the work of various departments in the third quarter, and at the same time in view of the above departments to report more meticulous and comprehensive combing, respectively from the personnel daily management, performance targets, product production, equipment status, quality to control these aspects to carry on the analysis, summarized in the first three quarters of deficiencies and problems existing in the work, and according to the company in the fourth quarter of the overall plan, with the specific coordination of each department each work in arrangement. 

Finally, lian dong comments on the meeting.Lian dong first gave full recognition and thanks to all the staff for their efforts in this quarter, and then explained the company's key project planning for the next quarter and the next year, indicating the direction for the follow-up work.Lian dong encourages everyone to make steady progress and realize the enterprise vision -- to become the leader of high-end precision etching industry.At the same time, dong also asked the company to maintain close communication between various departments, highly cooperative.The development framework of the company in 2020 has been preliminarily defined, and even dong has put forward new expectations and requirements for everyone. It is hoped that all employees will continue to forge ahead in the next quarter, look forward to the future of zhuolida and embrace a better 2020.