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  • 25 micron slit
25 micron slit
Slit is one of the main components of a spectrometer.A slit is a narrow slit of adjustable width.

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Product introduction

Product name:

25 micron slit

Product description:

The 25 micron slit is one of the main components of the spectrometer.A slit is a narrow slit of adjustable width.There are fixed slit, unilateral adjustable asymmetric slit and bilateral adjustable symmetrical slit.

Product usage:

Mainly used in physical test, spectrum analyzer, electronic equipment, testing equipment.

 Processing method:

The main processing methods are divided into three types: linear cutting, laser processing and etching processing.

Our strengths

1, 2018, we are working in the field of etching 19 years and in 2015 the company spent in nantong new industrial park, draw lessons from the successful experience of shenzhen and kunshan branch, is committed to high-end market in 25 micron slit products of technological innovation, research and development, production and sales.Aspires to be etched industry one hundred enterprises in China!

2. The company has successively passed iso9001:2008 quality management certification and iso14001:2004 environmental management system. In 2016, the company has passed ISO/TS 16949 certification and high-tech enterprise certification, and has obtained multiple property rights and patents.Zolida has been focusing on technology research and development and has cooperated with many universities, such as China southern airlines and Shanghai jiaotong university.

3. As a member of PCMI, the world etching association, the company can share new information and equipment of the global etching industry.

4. Several etching production lines have been introduced, and the company has an automatic adding system and regeneration system for potions. While developing, the company also pays attention to environmental protection.The company aspires to become an environmental protection enterprise, green enterprise.

5. We can make 25 micron slit with thickness of 0.02 MM, and the slit precision can reach +/-2 micron according to the product.

6. Shenzhen zhuolida, kunshan zhuolida and nantong zhuolida three production bases, with a comprehensive area of more than 40,000 square meters.Nantong has built an industrial park, which involves etching, electroplating electrophoresis, anodic oxidation, laser welding, vacuum diffusion welding and other fields, providing customers with integrated solutions.The first floor of building 1, zhuolida, nantong is the electrophoresis workshop.The second and third floors are etching workshops, with more than 20 conventional, imported and customized non-standard precision etching lines, which can meet the requirements of production capacity and precision of various products.The fourth floor is the vacuum diffusion welding workshop.Building 2 is an electroplating industry.



Slit application:

1. Incident slit: the object point that forms the spectrometer imaging system under the irradiation of incident light.

2. Collimating element: causes the light emitted from the slit to become parallel.The collimating element may be a separate lens, reflector, or directly integrated on a dispersion element, such as a concave grating in a concave grating spectrometer.

3. Dispersion element: grating is usually used to disperse the optical signal into multiple beams in space according to the wavelength.

4. Focusing element: focusing the dispersive beam so that it forms a series of images of incident slits in the focal plane, where each image point corresponds to a specific wavelength.

5. Detector array: placed in the focal plane to measure the light intensity of each wavelength image point.The detector array can be a CCD array or other kinds of optical detector array.


Slit can be divided into incident slit and exit slit according to function.The emission and middle slit are important parts of Raman spectrometer.The main function of the incident and outgoing slits is to control the resolution of the instrument, while the middle slit is mainly used to suppress stray light.For a spectrometer, which USES a monochromatic light exposure slit, there is also always a width to the emergent light Δ nu spectral distribution.This is mainly caused by the aberration of the instrument grating, optical system, parts processing and system adjustment, which determines the ultimate resolution of the instrument.In the actual measurement, with the increase of slit width, the resolution will also decrease linearly to make the spectral line wider.


Advantages of chemical etching of slit:

The slit of chemical etching process is smooth without burr and gap, good straightness. Chemical etching can also be made in a whole plate, and the whole plate can be
blackened. After treatment, the slit pieces can be taken off one by one for packaging and shipment, which is affordable and suitable for mass production.



We can process 5 micron slit, 10 micron slit, 15 micron slit, 20 micron slit, 25 micron slit, 30 micron slit, 35 micron slit, 40 micron slit, 50 micron slit and so on.The seam is smooth without burr and can also be blackened with various slits.If you need to do 25 micron slit products, or you need to understand the slit processing process and principle, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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