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Zhuolida corporate culture "elite team to be ethical" training phase 1

Author:赵四 Source:卓力达 Date:2019/9/23 16:59:18
Information digest:
On the evening of September 18, the training of "elite team to be virtuous" hosted by teacher zhong qin was successfully carried out in the conference room on the second floor of nantong zhuolida.The following is from nantong zhuolida senior management team experience sharing: "clear career objectives

On the evening of September 18, the training of "elite team to be virtuous" hosted by teacher zhong qin was successfully carried out in the conference room on the second floor of nantong zhuolida.The following is the experience Shared by nantong zhuolida senior management team:


"Clear career purpose and significance" chairman lian university

Zhuolida has been established for 20 years since 1999. The original intention of the enterprise was to survive for itself. Through five years of persistence and efforts no less than others, zhuolida has become the top three in SMT laser template industry.Later, the company opened to kunshan in east China and tianjin in north China. In the past 20 years, three zhuolida SMT laser template companies have been continuously making profits, which laid a solid foundation for investment construction and business development of nantong zhuolida industrial park!

When I calm down, especially during the period when I learned the management philosophy of inamori kazuo, I gradually realized that the value of running a business is inseparable from the value of life.I am asking myself, what is the purpose of my years of struggle and achievement?Where does the future go?What is the value and significance of today's zhuolida?

At the beginning of our group of zhuolida people pay no less than the same period for their own life goals and efforts of anyone.We are a group of like-minded people gathered together, what kind of things to do for a lifetime?What is zhuolida's mission and reason for being?

The above questions, I think, are also the questions that all zhuolida people should keep thinking and reflecting on today, tomorrow, and the way forward in the future. They are also the questions that we will discuss and sort out repeatedly.   


As the operator of zhuolida, I ask about the mission of the heart, must constantly improve the heart, improve the management level of the enterprise, expand the management pattern of the enterprise.The existence of zhuolida must provide value to customers and provide continuous and stable income for all employees.In the spirit of what is the right business heart, the enterprise should have the "altruistic" business thinking, always consider how to benefit "employees", "customers", "benefit society".

Through all zhuolidar people in this ashram practice together, continue to pay the greatest efforts, and finally build zhuolidar into a hundred years of "material, heart" double happiness zhuolidar, original heart can never change!


After the inspection of the whole factory, it was found that there were many items to be rectified on site

With the expansion of the production workshop and the progress of various projects, every day on the scene, always found a variety of details, messy scene is very bad mood!And the busy "fire scene" always let the progress of improvement discount, the heart inevitably had emotional troubles, constantly ask yourself: why will happen?Why didn't anyone take care of it?Who's in charge?What is management doing?The reason lies in people's consciousness and the standard of the system.This time after the scene one by one investigation, indeed found many problems to be rectified.Rectification is definitely needed, but how to maintain the improvement site is what our team really wants to improve.


1. People are the core factor of production, which determines whether the site is clean or chaotic. It needs repeated education and training to reach a sense of unity.
2. Sorted out the procedures one by one and established the regulations one by one. When encountering problems, I would think about the improvement of the procedures and regulations, even one day, and gradually improve them.Before the end of the year to complete all the job duties comb, do "everything is in charge, everyone in charge". 


Treat people with caring heart, frank deal with marketing vice President Dan

Learn: to care for people, honest, business is both sides, the buyers and sellers to benefit, everyone is happy! 

Sales treat customers to be sincere, sincere to help customers solve problems, and provide excellent quality and reasonable price products and services!At the same time, sales need to have a vision of the future to do the current thing, then the future is no longer the future.


Participated in the training of financial manager gu beibei on "elite team to be virtuous"


Today, I am very lucky to participate in the training of "elite team to be virtuous" by teacher zhong qin. In the early stage, I have been exposed to some philosophical training, which has improved my thinking mode to some extent. Therefore, I am more willing to experience and interpret such training with my heart.In fact, the truth is very simple, everyone knows, running through a principle -- what is right as a person, how to manage their own life and career is the subject of a lifetime, only if you do yourself well, everything will come naturally, good fortune, life will be successful.Also is verifying an old saying "be a man in advance", oneself also can according to this principle all the way practice!


Take the lead, whether as a manager or as a parent, adhere to moral persuasion, committed to become the pride of the family, the son of the example!

A little thought about execution

Zheng hanmin, chief happiness officer

On September 17, hvac, meeting in the evening, chairman of the board of directors of the company even Mr University, our general manager Mr YanGuangMing two leaders aiming at the problems of all departments (equipment, production, product quality, the implementation of the regulations of management, the implementation of the execution, post responsibility system, love life, physical and mental health of employees, etc.) are mentioned a key words: execution.

There was a popular saying in the society: the system is linked to a circle, not action.It's about execution.Institutions are used to regulate people's behavior.All social activities we engage in are carried out within the scope of the system. We go beyond this scope.There is a qualitative difference between breaking the law and committing a crime.


For the production of this or that problem (serious is the production of the safety hidden danger), the chairman, the general manager to go to a trip can be found, estimated that the department staff will also find, may be considered as a small matter, does not affect the overall situation.It is precisely because of the idea of ignoring management regulations, not to actively supervise and guide subordinates to eliminate and correct these bad phenomena, leading to the weakening of execution.We have no execution and no fire.Strong execution, work momentum is also big, work spirit will be full.Now, the company is committed to cultural construction, emphasizing the synchronous development of enterprise production and enterprise culture, carrying out the study of Mr. Inamori kazuo's business philosophy, the purpose is to make our "zhuolida" development has a clear direction, strength and vitality.

We should have the spirit of "zero excuses, heavy commitment", we should face the problems of work correctly, do not find excuses, do not find reasons, we should first have the courage to take responsibility, from their own responsibility, to say "I was wrong, give you trouble!


Mr. Lian, the chairman, said he enjoyed watching films about the long march, especially MAO zedong's military prowess and command.Watching a movie, he said, is not about the thrill and excitement of eyeballs, but about what it means, what it gives the audience.The red army resolutely carried out chairman MAO's strategy and tactics in the dangerous environment, and defeated the enemy with fewer victories and more victories.By what?It's all about execution.What would have happened if the commanders of the red army front had not been able to carry out the plan formulated by chairman MAO?I'm afraid there will be no later yan 'an, xibaipo, the capital of Beijing.But on the contrary, the red army from top to bottom are committed to the implementation of the implementation of the force, the implementation of the force in place, only to the new China, only to our reform and opening up today, from all parts of the country came to "zhuolida" to work together.Today, we are working together to closely adhere to the company's strategic guidelines, the implementation of their respective work in place, to create a high-end precision etching industry leaders and followers.

So, how do we implement the company's strategy?This involves the mutual assistance and coordination of various departments and the strength of executive force.


A cross sea shows the true character of a hero.Seek development, survive in development and grow stronger in development.The strategic direction is clear, and the trumpet has been sounded. Shall we press forward in groups, or look at one another and shrink back?事


General secretary xi said, roll up your sleeves and work harder!What are we waiting for?Come on, comrades, let's go!Happy life is out of struggle, we work together!