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  • Microchannel plate
Microchannel plate
Plate heat exchanger is an important accessory on the main cooling machine. It is a combination of a group of corrugated metal plates (heat exchanger plates), also known as flow channel plates and heat exchange groove plates. The two hot liquids pass through, directing the fluid to alternately flow through the respective channels for heat exchange.

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Product Introduction

Product name:

Microchannel plate

Product Introduction:

The microchannel plate is an important accessory on the refrigeration host. It is a combination of a group of corrugated metal plates (heat exchanger plates). There are four corner holes on the plate for the two liquids for heat transfer to guide the fluid. They alternately flow through their respective channels for heat exchange. They are arranged closely, with high accuracy, small size, high heat exchange efficiency, space saving, high requirements for the use environment, and are suitable for use on small refrigeration units.

Product usage

Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, textile, papermaking and other industries. It is an excellent and fast equipment for heating, cooling, heat recovery.

Etching process:

Opening → Cleaning the plate → Dry film or coating → Drying → Exposure → Development → Drying → Etching → Release → Detection and packaging --- finished product shipment

Our advantages

1、As of 2018, we have been engaged in the field of etching for 19 years and have been committed to the innovation, research and development, production and sales of microchannel plates in the high-end market. Determined to become a century-old enterprise in China's etching industry!

2、The company has successively passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management certification and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system. In 2016, it passed ISO / TS 16949 certification and high-tech enterprise certification of the automotive industry.

3、The company is a member company of PCMI, the world's etching association, and can share new information and equipment of global microchannel plates.

4、Possessing automatic adding system and regeneration system for medicinal water, and self-built large-scale sewage treatment system, the reuse rate of wastewater reaches more than 40%.

5、 Various micro-channel plates processed by chemical etching process and welding micro-channel plate bonding process have extremely high precision, the accuracy can reach +/- 0.01mm, which can perform partial semi-corrosion of the product, and etch for relatively thick products After that, it can also help customers to carry out vacuum diffusion welding and bonding, and the whole process is completed.

6、It has three production bases in Shenzhen Zhuolida, Kunshan Zhuolida and Nantong Zhuolida, with a comprehensive area of more than 40,000 square meters. There are more than 20 conventional, imported and customized non-standard precision etching lines, which can meet the production capacity and precision requirements of various micro-channel plates.


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        The inner wall of each channel of the microchannel plate is coated with a semiconductor material capable of emitting secondary electrons. When a certain voltage is applied to the microchannel plate, a uniform electric field is generated in each channel. This electric field is axial. Therefore, when the low-energy electrons (photons or electrons) entering the electric field collide with the wall, secondary electrons can be generated, and the secondary electrons are accelerated under the action of the axial electric field, so that the secondary electrons encountering the wall will produce more There are many new secondary electrons, so that for an incident particle, a lot of electrons will be generated at the output of the plate.

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        Micro-channel heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger. Compared with traditional heat exchangers, due to the reduced size of the internal heat exchanger plate flow path, the flow, evaporation and heat exchange mechanism have changed, which brings a series of advantages to the product, such as low material cost, Small size, light weight and high conversion efficiency. The introduction of micro-channel technology makes it possible to miniaturize highly integrated electronic equipment cooling and related cooling systems.

  • 03

        The microchannel plates are etched and formed once. On the same plate, the corrugation depth of the plates is the same, so that each contact point between the plates is perfectly connected. The guiding fluid alternately flows through the respective channels for heat exchange. , Small size, high heat exchange efficiency, save space.

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        The micro-channel plate is processed by chemical etching process. The spacing between plate flow channels can be adjusted, the depth of the flow channels is the same, the inner wall of the flow channels is smooth, and the welding surface has no scratches. 



Compared with conventional heat exchangers, micro-channel plates not only have a small volume, a large heat transfer coefficient, high heat transfer efficiency, can meet higher energy efficiency standards, but also have excellent pressure resistance performance, which can be cooled by CO2 as a working medium, in line with environmental protection The requirements have caused widespread concern in foreign academic and industrial circles. If you are looking for a micro-channel plate etching manufacturer, please contact us. Zolida will be happy to help you!

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