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  • Stainless steel code disc
  • Stainless steel code disc
Stainless steel code disc
Stainless steel code disc is used to measure the angular displacement of digital encoders, motor speed measurement, electrical appliances, money counters and other encoder components.

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Product Introduction

Product name:

Stainless steel code disc

Product Introduction:

Stainless steel code discs are key components in equipment that encodes or converts signals or data into signals that can be used for communication, transmission, and storage.

Product usage:

The code disc is a digital encoder that measures angular displacement. It has the advantages of strong resolving power, high measurement accuracy, and reliable operation. It is a most commonly used displacement sensor for measuring the angular position of a shaft.

Etching process:

Opening → Cleaning the plate → Dry film or coating → Drying → Exposure → Development → Drying → Etching → Release → Detection and packaging --- finished product shipment


1、As of 2018, we have been engaged in the field of etching for 19 years, and have been committed to technological innovation, research and development, production and sales of stainless steel pallets in the high-end market. Determined to become a century-old enterprise in China's etching industry!

2、The company has successively passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management certification and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system. In 2016, it passed ISO / TS 16949 certification and high-tech enterprise certification of the automotive industry.

3、The company is a member of PCMI, the World Etching Association, and can share new information and equipment from the global etching industry.

4、Possessing the automatic adding system and regeneration system for medicinal water and self-built large-scale sewage treatment system, the reuse rate of wastewater reaches over 40%.

5、We can make stainless steel code discs with a thickness of 0.02 MM and an etched size of 800 * 700mm. Depending on the product, the accuracy can reach +/- 0.005mm.

6、It has three production bases in Shenzhen Zhuolida, Kunshan Zhuolida and Nantong Zhuolida, with a comprehensive area of more than 40,000 square meters. There are more than 20 conventional, imported and customized non-standard precision etching lines, which can meet the production capacity and the accuracy requirements of various stainless steel pallets.


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        The stainless steel code disc is a digital encoder that measures angular displacement. It has the advantages of strong resolving power, high measurement accuracy, and reliable operation. It is a most commonly used displacement sensor for measuring the angular position of a shaft. The etched stainless steel code disc has no burrs, pressure points, product deformation, material properties, and product function.

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         The accuracy of the stainless steel pallet can meet the requirements of the product, which is better than the above-mentioned several processes and has irreplaceability. Almost all metals can be etched, and there are no restrictions on various pattern designs. For particularly fine patterns, the etching process can also provide a good solution. Different metal materials need to be equipped with different chemical formulas.

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        The stainless steel code disc has the characteristics of strong resolution, high measurement accuracy, and reliable work. It is a commonly used displacement sensor for measuring the angular position of a shaft. The code disc is divided into two types: encoder and incremental encoder. The former can directly provide the digital code corresponding to the angular position; the latter uses a computing system to add the pulse increment generated by the rotary code disc to a certain reference number. Subtract to get the angular displacement.

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          Two-dimensional, image instrument precision inspection, 24-hour service hotline 0513-81601666. We are a precise etching factory, and are responsible for all our stainless steel code disk products after-sales. Regardless of service attitude, product quality, product design communication, salesman's service quality, etc., can communicate directly. The factory has a superb quality control team, a rapid response mechanism, and responds to customer complaints within 24 hours. Put forward corrective measures within 48 hours, and complete the delivery of qualified products within three days.


Zhuo Lida can use a roll-to-roll exposure machine, which can be produced in large quantities, up to 1,000 square meters per day. It can also be put into production in a semi-automatic manner for small batches of diversified stainless steel code discs, saving related operating costs and saving costs for customers It is our goal to achieve a win-win situation. The stainless steel code discs we produce have no burrs, pressure points, no deformation of the product, do not change the material properties, and do not affect the function of the product. If you are looking for a stainless steel pallet manufacturer, please contact us. All staff of Zhuolida will serve you wholeheartedly.

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