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What are the advantages of precision etching?

Author: Source: Date:2019/7/4 13:48:41
Information digest:
What are the advantages of precision etching?

1, the shape of the metal parts to be processed is complex, such as very thin stainless steel mesh is a very typical example.Through the use of etching technology can reduce the difficulty of forming and processing costs.

2. If the product is very thin (between 0.03mm and 1mm in thickness), other processes may cause deformation of the product.Etching, on the other hand, keeps the product from deforming.In general, the thinner the product, the higher the precision.

3. The etching process will not change the hardness, strength, formability and other physical properties of the metal materials.

4, some metal materials in the process of stamping easy to fracture, and easy to produce the edge of the hair, affecting the assembly of products, and etching can ensure that these materials intact.

5. Magnetic soft materials can maintain their original physical properties after etching.6. The products processed by etching have no burr.

Nantong zhuolida has introduced a number of etching production lines, with a potion automatic addition system and regeneration system, the development of the company also pay attention to environmental protection, self-built large sewage treatment system, waste water reuse rate of more than 40%, is a rare in the metal etching industry to build a dedicated waterless treatment system of the manufacturer.The company aspires to become an environmental protection enterprise, green enterprise.

With shenzhen zhuolida, kunshan zhuolida and nantong zhuolida three production bases, the comprehensive area of more than 40,000 square meters.Nantong has built an industrial park, which involves etching, electroplating electrophoresis, anodic oxidation, laser welding, vacuum diffusion welding and other fields, providing customers with integrated solutions.The first floor of building 1, zhuolida, nantong is the electrophoresis workshop.The second and third floors are etching workshops, with more than 20 conventional, imported and customized non-standard precision etching lines, which can meet the requirements of production capacity and precision of various products.The fourth floor is the vacuum diffusion welding workshop.Building 2 is an electroplating industry.