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What are the installation requirements for profiled gasket?

Author: Source: Date:2018/9/4 13:46:43
Information digest:
Commonly used metal gasket has metal pad, waveform pad, tooth pad, ring pad (including octagonal pad, oval pad two kinds).And profiled gasket is a number of irregular shape gasket, then profiled gasket installation requirements...

Commonly used metal gasket has metal pad, waveform pad, tooth pad, ring pad (including octagonal pad, oval pad two kinds).And profiled gasket is a number of shape irregular gasket, then profiled gasket installation requirements?


Installation requirements for profiled gasket

1. The special-shaped gasket and flange sealing surface shall be cleaned without any scratches, spots and other defects that affect the sealing performance.

2, gasket outer diameter should be smaller than the flange sealing surface, gasket inner diameter should be slightly larger than the pipe inner diameter, the difference between the two inner diameter of the sealing gasket thickness of 2 times, to ensure that after the pressure, gasket inner edge will not extend into the container or pipe, so as not to interfere with the flow of the fluid in the container or pipe.

3, gasket preload should not exceed the design provisions, so as to avoid the loss of gasket rebound capacity due to excessive compression.

4. Use torque wrench when gasket is pressed.For large bolts and high strength bolts, use hydraulic tensioner.The tightening torque should be calculated according to the given seal gasket compaction, and the oil pressure of the hydraulic tightener should also be calculated.

5. Nuts shall be tightened in order when installing special-shaped gaskets.But it should not be tweaked to achieve the design value.Generally, it should be circulated 2 ~ 3 times, so that the stress distribution of gasket is even.

6. For pressure vessels and pipelines with inflammable and explosive media, tools should be used when replacing the special-shaped gasket, so as to avoid fire or explosion accidents caused by the contact between tools and flanges or bolts.

7. If there is any leakage in the pipeline, the sealing gasket shall be replaced or adjusted after step-down treatment, and the operation with pressure is strictly prohibited

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