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Nantong zhuolita 2018 fire drill a complete success!

Author: Source: Date:2018/11/2 9:41:00
Information digest:
Thank you for the on-site guidance and support of the fire brigade in tongzhou district, nantong city!Nantong zhuolita 2018 fire drill a complete success!

Nantong zhuolita 2018 fire drill a complete success!

On October 31, 2018, nantong zhuolita fire drill invited on-site guidance from the fire brigade of tongzhou district, nantong.


In order to further strengthen the fire awareness of the company's employees, popularize fire knowledge, improve the ability of self-help and prevention, for a long time, pay high attention to the company's fire management, every year regularly carry out various fire knowledge training lectures and on-site emergency drill and other activities, to create a beautiful working environment.


Training class, tongzhou district fire brigade instructor told the fire hidden danger of fire, tall building fire self-rescue and fire emergency evacuation content such as common sense, and combined with the typical fire cases happened in the teaching of the blood again emphasized the importance of fire, hope to improve fire fighting consciousness, wake-up call, grasp the good beginning of fire fighting and survival skills.


Highlights of fire drill site






Fire disasters are common sense  

How to report a fire?

1. Under normal circumstances, fire alarm and fire fighting should be carried out at the same time in case of fire; 

2. When there is a fire and only one person on the scene, you should call for help and deal with it at the same time. 

3. After dialing "119", please calmly and accurately tell the fire unit, the area, the street, the house number, the fire location, what the fire is, the size of the fire, the name of the person calling the police and the number of the phone. 


How to save people in a fire?

It is better to save a man than to put out a fire.In building fire, the following seven "saving techniques" are very effective:

1 ease the rescue: the building by fire trapped personnel more, can first guide, evacuate trapped personnel to other places, and then try to transfer to the ground; 

2. Transfer rescue: the trapped person can be guided from the roof to the stairs of another unit to the ground; 

3. Put up a ladder to rescue people: rescue trapped people with elevating fire trucks, hook ladders, single ladders and other climbing tools; 

4. Rope tube rescue: use outdoor drainage pipe or rope to rescue; 

5. Control the rescue: control the fire of stairs and stairwells with water gun, and guide the trapped personnel to evacuate; 

6. Slow descent to rescue: rescue the trapped personnel to the ground with the aid of the slow descent device; 

7. Pull the net to save people: when someone is found to be in a hurry to jump off the building, a "life saving net" can be pulled with coats, bedding and canvas to save lives;


How to escape in case of fire

1. When you're in a firework, figure out how to escape.Smoke is not strong can walk bent;If smoke is too thick, must lie on the ground crawl, with wet towel cover the mouth and nose, in order to reduce the harm of smoke poison. 

2. In case of a forest fire, do not run to the leeward direction. Instead, bypass the burning area and run to the windward direction. 

3. when the building fire, such as the fire is not big, can be put on the body with a wet quilt, blankets, rushed through the fire;If the stairs have been blocked by fire, should immediately through the roof by another unit of stairs escape;If other methods do not work, rope or torn sheets can be used to join, along the slide;If time is too late, should throw on the ground first a few quilt, yarn hair mat wait for a thing, in order to increase buffer.


The basic method of extinguishing fire

1. Cooling and extinguishing method should be used to reduce the temperature of combustible materials to below the ignition point and terminate the combustion. 

2. Separate fire extinguishing method: isolate the burning object from the nearby combustible material or evacuate it to make the burning stop. 

3. Suppression fire extinguishing method can make fire extinguishing agent participate in the combustion reaction process, so that the free radicals generated in the combustion disappear and the combustion reaction stops.


How to protect against fire

1, put out confined room fire, should first touch the door with the hand, such as the door is very hot, never dare to open the door or stand in the front of the door fire, in case of explosion. 

2. In case of fire fighting in the production process, the valve should be closed in time or the water-cooled container should be adopted. 

3. If the oil barrel with oil products is in an oval shape, it may explode soon. The fire fighters should not stand on the front of the oil barrel connection and should strengthen the cooling protection of the oil barrel. 

4, the vertical liquefied petroleum gas cylinder leakage burning, such as the flame from orange to silver white, the sound from "roar" sound to "hiss", will soon explode.Strong emergency measures should be taken in time and the evacuation of personnel on the scene. 


How to avoid the person when putting out a fire many hands and feet disorderly?

1. The organization and command of the fire site should be unified. 

2, in a certain distance from the fire site to set different levels of cordon. 

3, in the fire evacuation materials should pay attention to not block the channel. 

4, if the house on fire is dangerous or combustible materials have explosion Xi collapse, alert to expand the scope of;And stay in the line of fire should not be too many people.In this way, in case of accident, also can reduce casualties.


This training, we not only learned the basic knowledge of fire prevention, further enhance the concept of legal fire control and fire awareness, more deeply feel the ruthless fire and grasp the importance of fire knowledge and skills.


Matters needing attention
At present, due to high wind and dryness, not only residents should be careful of fire prevention, but also factories, markets, wholesale markets, restaurants, etc., once the fire, easy to fire camp, fire spread quickly, serious consequences.Individual residents and various units and departments should check and increase fire control facilities as soon as possible, rectify fire hazards, strengthen fire prevention, correctly use fire and electricity, ensure the smooth passage and exit, and master basic fire prevention, fire fighting and escape self-help knowledge.